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    Address:Golden Bridge Industrial Base Tongzhou Beijing China

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    Shenyang blower group co., LTD
    Date:2015-04-18   Source:未知   Author:admin   Browse: time

     Shenyang blower group co., LTD. Is China's major technical equipment industry the backbone of the type, strategic leading enterprises, the existing staff of 7000 people, carrying out for large ethylene, large oil refining, large-scale coal chemical industry, large power, large metallurgical like major project provides the task of domestic equipment, its survival and development is related to national economic security. In 2011, shen drum group output value exceeding RMB 11 billion.
    Decades of commitment to fulfill the historical responsibility, shen drum group formed a "pioneer enterprise character, accumulated as the core of the international first-class technology and manufacturing capabilities. Group already has an annual output of 1 million tons of 1 million tons of large-scale ethylene plant, the refining units, 52000 air separation, 600000 tons of PTA, 1 million tons of methanol, large long distance pipeline compressor, reciprocating compressor, 125 tons of large thrust and 1 million mw nuclear power, thermal power pump, defence of its equipment with the major technical equipment such as pump matching ability. In the related field, shen drum can not production at the core of the equipment, can only rely on imports. Therefore, in the petrochemical, nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry in our country's international competition, shen drum is regarded as a trump card, constantly breaking of multinational corporations technical monopoly, has won the "national weight" of reputation.
    Over the years, the enterprise comprehensive strength and improve the overall quality of employees, has won the "national advanced basic-level party organization", "national civilized unit", "national May Day labor diploma", "China's industrial awards honor award" honor.

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    E-mail:NachD-Blower@yahoo.com     TEL:0086-10-56370003、0086-18601397173

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