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    Side channel blower vacuum adsorption
    Date:2015-04-22   Source:未知   Author:admin   Browse: time

    High pressure blower also called vortex blower, high pressure  ring blower, ring blower, high pressure blower,suction blow the blower has two functions, can be used for vacuum adsorption, also can be

    used as gas transmission, the wind dry knife, etc., so when this fan used in vacuum suction use, apply to which industries? 
    The following can be used as the user reference: 
    The residual cloth processing: cloth cutting processing. 
    Making machine: books on the cut off the books of the keep. 
    Milk paper box filling machine really: milk box filling the vacuum extraction of use. 
    When ironing machine: - iron cloth sucked out its vapor emissions. 
    Gas decomposition: attracting device used in the gas decomposition. 
    Printing suction, vacuum suction with printing or tissue forming case. 
    Processing need keep: wood plastic and fixed with non-magnetic object. 
    Vacuum dehydration: pulp dehydration, sludge dewatering, piece goods, dehydration, etc. 
    Tofu machine: attract soybean delivery, to wash wash tank and use. 
    Steel plate printing machine sorption: using the high pressure fan suction pressure fixed, and printing operations. 
    Loom absorption: in addition to the moisture absorption and fixed thrum, improve product quality and efficiency. 
    Works on site: tunnel with narrow field fortifications produce powder deer partial removal of toxic gas. 
    Often is hair crumbs residue in industrial suction pressure: factory machine above, can be on the way of cleaning. 
    Process: the use of vacuum suction to keep the negatives, flat, suitable for photographic plate making industry. 
    Welding gas absorption: when welding smoke and dust, can the vacuum way to elsewhere, safeguard the operator health. 
    Powder granule transport: granular objects, such as plastic raw materials available air pressure (blowing) or vacuum suction to complete the task. 
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